The best care for bright smiles!

At CASSE, we believe that a great smile can truly brighten the entire community. Our dental services are designed to put a big, happy, healthy smile on every face in the neighborhood.


We offer comprehensive, complete general dentistry for children and adults that are designed to diagnose, treat, manage, and monitor your oral health. Beyond that, we understand there is a link between taking care of your teeth and taking care of your body, and we have the technologies, experience, and skills to help detect a range of conditions that can affect your general well-being.

Our Adult and Pediatric Dental Services include:

  • Children's dentistry- first dental appointments, that are recommended at eruption of 1st tooth, and comprehensive children's dentistry.

  • Dental cleanings- professional dental cleanings, that are recommended twice a year for adults and children, to improve oral health.

  • Dental examinations – a general evaluation of your oral health, hygiene, and risks

  • Fillings– finding and repairing cavities to prevent further tooth decay

  • Urgent care– treating emergencies ranging from extreme toothaches to cracked molars

  • Dental Extractions – removal of badly decayed or broken down teeth.


Like all CASSE’s services, we treat our neighbors regardless of their ability to pay.  We also offer access to anyone of any age, too – both individuals and families – and have treated patients as young as six months old, as well as brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.


We think that a bright smile – and sound, proper dental practices – can have a lot of power and bring a lot of sunshine to your life. And giving you a reason to smile is another way that we’re connecting our communities to health, every day, in every way.


Our Dental Services are just part of CASSE's commitment to bring comprehensive wrap-around services to all our neighbors and to open our doors, our arms, and our hearts to everyone in the community.

Our Designated Dental Health Providers

Dr. Gary Chumley

Shreveport and Bossier locations.

Dr. Eric LeBlanc

Shreveport Location.

Dr. Kenneth Bonnette, Jr.

Shreveport Location.

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